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Дорогой читатель,

we are born twice in life: the first time by our parents and the second time by our Guru. Our parents make it possible for us to be here in this world, the Guru is pointing to our true Self. A whole new world is opening, our heart is perceiving what was hidden from us before.

The day is coming when the old and the new world become one. And the implicit knowledge answers all questions even before they are asked.

Then we are Peace, the Peace that we always have been.

Nothing but love.

Enlightenment and Non-Enlightenment are just a dream. You are untouched presence.

June, 20.6.2015

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ONENESS: Clarity and Joy of Life through Advaita

How can I find true happiness and inner peace? That is perhaps the most important question in life. In this book, Madhukar points to a kind of freedom that is hidden in all of us and can be experienced, independent of our situation in life. "When you really strive for freedom and you hear this message of freedom, it is a matter of recognition. Immediate."

Includes the interview with Advaita Master H.W.L. Poonja by Madhukar.

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September 07- 13, 2015 | Mystery of Truth | Moscow, Russia
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October 1 - 12, 2015 | Inner Sun | Cala Carbo, Ibiza
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Oktober 30 - November 6, 2015 | Meisterspiel | Bad Waldsee
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September 04 - 06 | Moscow | Russia
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September 18- 20 | Vienna | Austria
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October 13 | Grace Day, Karlsruhe
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October 16- 18 | Munich
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November 07- 08 | Berlin
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November 13- 15 | Stuttgart
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Do not mentate, do not stir a thought,
Trying to get out of superimposed bondage,
which is the notion that you are separate from Existence,
you will land in superimposed freedom.
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He is referred to as the single most influential muslim after the prophet Mohamed: Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī (1058-1111), born in Persia, was theologian, jurist and mystic. He is considered a Mujaddid or “Renewer of the faith”, who, according to the tradition, appears once every century to restore the faith of the community. He successfully criticised Plato and Aristotle, who had a tremendous influence of the early Islam and reconciled traditional Islam with Sufism, being its mystic branch.

Among al-Ghazālī’s main works is his autobiography “Deliverance from Error” describing how he recognised Sufism as the right way after being finished with theological science. Al-Ghazālī expanded the meaning of “Jihad” from a crusade for a belief to overcoming the inner ego.

In his autobiography al-Ghazālī refers to the mystic experience quite similar to Ludwig Wittgenstein (“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.“) or Christian Morgenstern:

There was what was of what I do not mention:
So think well of it, and ask for no account!

Al-Ghazālī “Deliverance From Error”, 115 pages, paperback, $9.70i Amazon or here as Pdf
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Lost & Found
The German author, poet and translator Christian Morgenstern (1871 – 1914) is well known for his witty language, for example the in Germany so well known "For, he reasons pointedly / That which must not, can not be."

Less know are his spiritual inclinations: Morgenstern was a mystic. He made the important realization in 1905 in the sanatorium of Finkenwerder near Berlin, where he was curing his tuberculosis he had contracted from his mother: “I may say that this autumn and winter I was led to something that I never had thought be able to experience… anyway one can not be silent enough about these things.”

In 1909 he met Rudolf Steiner, at the time secretary general of the German section of the Theosophical Society, and followed him after its separation to the Anthroposophical Society in 1912/13. Morgenstern died at the age of 42 in Meran. His urn was kept by Rudolf Steiner at the Goetheanum in Dornach and was finally burried there in 1992.

After his death appeared Morgensterns “Diary of a Mystic” (in German) in 1918, where he writes almost in the words of the medieval mystic Meister Eckhardt: “Religion is the self knowledge of the human and therefore of the divine spirit. Religion is the knowledge that all thinking is divine thinking, as much as all nature is divine nature, as all action is an action of god, every thought a thought of god, that god is only as much god as he is world, that the world is nothing but god himself, - that in the same moment as a human being realises his god-being, god realises himself as a human being.”

Because Christian Morgenstern is not well known in the English speaking world, not much is translated into English. A number of his poems were translated into English by Jerome Lettvin with explanations of Morgenstern’s wordplay methods.

The story of Morgenstern and Steiner is told here by Reinhardt Habel.