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Дорогой читатель,
the new year has started and many sangha-sisters and -brothers are looking forward to the retreats and the satsang with Madhukar. The beach party satsang in Goa is followed by the three week silent retreat in Tiruvannamalai at the foot of holy Arunachala where many of Ramana’s, Papaji’s and Madhukar’s devotees meet in winter. Last one in Asia is the pool yoga retreat in the luxury resort Uma Ubud on Bali.

Happy new Year.

rightcontent The panel discussion “Spiritual Arrogance” took place at the 19th Rainbow Spirit Festival in Munich in May 2012. Participants were Annette Kaiser, Dr. Katharina Ceming, Christian Meyer und Madhukar. It was moderated by Sugata Wolf Schneider of the magazine “Connection”.

Sugara: Male gurus, are they different from female gurus?
Madhukar: The gurus heart outshines everything, even the form. The love to the guru is completely independent from his sex. If we are really silent, the apparent contradictions disappear and there is only formless consciousness, formless love, where the separation men-women does not exist any more.

Munich, May 2012


This years silent retreat with Madhukar has a complimentary mantra chanting workshop with Sofya. You are invited to merge into ancient Indian tradition of chanting sacred sounds of mantras which is called "Kirtan".

"Glory of Sri Krishna sankirtana, which purifies the heart of the dust accumulated over the years and extinguishes the fire of conditional life, of repeated birth and death. Sankirtana movement - the highest blessing to all mankind, as it spreads the rays of the blessing. It is the soul of all transcendental knowledge. It increases the ocean of transcendental bliss, and enables us to fully taste the nectar for which we are always anxious", says Sri Chaitanya (1486–1534), an east Indian saint and incarnation of Krishna in his "Siksastaka".

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February 7 -27, 2014 | Awakening | Tiruvannamalai, South India | Additional: complimentary mantra chanting workshop with Sofya
Info: Sofya +91 750 754 81 80

April 17 - 22 l 2014 | Yoga of Silence| Oberstaufen, Allgäu
Info: Shivani +49 7121 6 80 81 69

May 18 - 25, 2014 | Burn! Don't burn-out! | Premium retreat for an engaged life-management Bali, Indonesia |
Info: Lohita +31 6 11 38 08 35

Sangha Meetings
Mondays 20:00 | Berlin/Mitte
Info: Petra +49 172 6491599

First Monday every month 20:00 | Bern
Info: Shakti +41 76 371 08 70

Mondays 20:00 | Detmold
Info: Arati +49 152 03 67 59 55

Mondays 20:00 | Friedberg/ Frankfurt

Info: Glorinda +49 6031 9630808, +49 151 10 700 125

Mondays 20:00 | Hannover/Pattenssen
Info: Mona +49 5101-12338

First Monday every month 20:00 | Hamburg
Info: Gerd +49 172 4191009

First Monday every month 20:00 20:00 | Kiel
Info: Kathrin +49 177 74 66 684

Mondays 20:00 | Klagenfurt/Carinthia
Info: Christa +43 664 451 172 71

First Monday every month 20:00 | Villach/Carinthia
Info: Ingrid +43 650 202 43 11

Mondays 20:00 | Lindach/Upper Austria
Info: Andrea +43 699 10501119

First Monday every month 19:00 | Moscow
Info: Amrita +7 905 7072260

Mondays 20:00 | Moscow
Info: Anja +49 160 6034809

Mondays 20:00 | Neuburg/Pfalz (near Karlsruhe)
Info: Bärbel und Wolfgang +49 7273 919860

Mondays 20:00 | Reutlingen
Info: Shivani +49 7121 6808169

Mondays 20:00 | Stuttgart

Info: Sunita +49 176 485 76199
Eberhard +49 157 792 79 608

First Monday every month 20:00 | Tramin/South Tyrol
Info: Naima +39 349 3542275

Mondays 20:00 | Tübingen
Info: Sangeeta +49 7071 24832
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Ramana Maharshi
Q: I am carried away by the sight of the breasts of a young woman neighbour and I am often tempted to commit adultery with her. What should I do?
A: You are always pure. It is your senses and your body which tempt you and which you confuse with your real self. So first know who is tempted and who is there to tempt.


Discriminate between transient things
and the Eternal Love that you Are.
Then do whatever you want, whatever you please.
By Petra Rietz
Always more of everything and now. This claim of the modern lifestyle is questioned by Harald Welzer. He says that the much praised sustainability can not save our system of continuous economic growth and of the waste of resources. He shows that our “must have” developed from the hardship after WWII and how we got stuck in consumerism to endow life with meaning and to satisfy us, but leaving us empty. Politicians will not initiate a radical change because they are part of the system.

Welzer calls for self-responsibility and consciousness regarding personal wishes and finally the world. This consciousness must be a consciousness of humans as a dependent beings, as nature itself in this universal “system earth”. Time to change life, to truly rethink. The author makes specific suggestions and shows that with self-responsibility he means the specific individual action.

rightcontentI am reading the book as an inspiration of the „think yourself“ with questions that focuses on my individual action instead of pointing at others, the politicians, the multi corporations or “the capitalism”. Harald Welzer want no less than a different life from us. “So what prevents you from expanding your scope of possibilities, to learn to be somebody else? To transcend your limits?“

Harald Welzer: Selbst denken. Eine Anleitung zum Widerstand (in German), S. Fischer Verlag, 2013.
After Feb 20, 2014 paperback 9.99 EUR, hardcover 19.99 EUR
Look inside

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Lost & Found
Song of the Insufficiency of Human Struggling (The Threepenny Opera, 1928)

Man lives by his head, but it doesn’t suffice. Check your own head: a louse, at most, could live on it. ’Cause man is not clever enough for this life. He never catches on to all the lies and cheats.

Yes, make yourself a plan; it just goes up in smoke! And make yourself a second plan; they both come to nothing. ’Cause man is not bad enough for this life: still, his lofty striving makes a pretty show.

Sure, run after good fortune, but don’t run too hard! ’Cause everyone runs after fortune, while fortune runs ’round behind them. ’Cause man is not plain and simple enough for this life. So all his striving is just self-deception.

Man is not good, so you should knock him on his hat, and once you’ve knocked him on his hat, he’ll probably be good. ’Cause man is not good enough for this life. Therefore, keep on calmly knocking him on his hat.

Sung by Bertold Brecht.

rightcontent Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) was one of the most influential German playwrights and poets of the 20ieth century and a communist. He wrote poems, songs, short stories, novels and radio plays. Brecht wanted to make structures in society transparent and change them if possible. He had many love affairs that had a great impact on his life and inspired him. The contribution of these women to his work has only been recently appreciated. Brecht founded the “Epic Theatre” that does not want to create an illusionary world but inspires a critical reflection.

rightcontentIn 1928 he directed the “Threepenny Opera” which Kurt Weill (1900 – 1950) set to tune. It was one of the biggest theatre successes of the Weimar Republic. The story is about the fight of two gangsters in London, who’s one business model is organised begging and the other’s his good relation to the police. The “Ballad of Sexual Dependency” explained the sexual nature of the relation of men an women.

rightcontentHere sung by
Trude Hesterberg (1892 – 1967).