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Hello dear Reader,
who leaves home to begin a search; who changes his life to become happy, know this: There is no path, we are already there. We are already that which we are looking for: Peace. Nevertheless, the "right path" (Buddha) can be helpful.

Nothing but Love.

madhukar Madhukar: Let the game of great illusions be played, play along and wake up in it and exit the eternal cycle. The cycle of suffering. Suffering, disease, old age and death, those were the four states that caused Buddha to exit the illusion and to find out who he really is.

Then he reportedly had a good breakfast of fruits, and he said: Eat no animals. They will be a burden for another ninety years.

Don´t trouble yourself. Belasten Sie sich nicht.

Question: Who creates the illusion? Or why does illusion creates something we see?

Madhukar: The illusion has fun, do you also have fun?

Hamburg, November 18, 2009
Madhukarji’s birthday: Due to the numerous enquiries it is again possible for devotees to come to Madhukarji’s birthday at the retreat „Meisterspiel“ in Bad Waldsee, November 4, 2011.

The price for participating this day is 65 € and it includes 2 Satsangs. The total sum for the day of 22/29 € for vegetarian full board (with/without breakfast) and possible costs for overnight stays have to be booked directly at the hotel.

Please contact Shivani Allgaier for detailed information. Registration has to be made until November 2nd:, +49 171 2 17 43 38.

Rainbow-Spirit-Festival: For the first time the Rainbow-Spirit-Festival is in Berlin (Nov. 11 - Nov. 14 2010). Visit the Madhukar-Oasis in the Upper Floor.

PPBB: Saturday, Nov. 13 2010, from 9:30 p.m. until 4 a.m. there will be the PeacePartyBerlinBrandenburg (PPBB). Dance to enthusiastic beats in the heaven over Berlin. DJ Sukkhadas (enter freedom records, Ibiza) is celebrating trance: mash up & electro. Nothing but love!

Tickets only:

XMAS-Special: You can order the following XMAS-Specials from Dec, 1 until Dec, 24 2010:

Music CD "Freedom Here and Now" (12 € plus shipping instead of 15 €).
Book "Yoga der Liebe" (44 € plus shipping instead of 48 €).

These articles can be ordered online at

Deadline for the next newsletter is Dec 15, 2010.

November 14 - 12 | Berlin, Germany
Rainbow Spirit Festival
Info: Arati +49 1520 3 67 59 55

November 15 - 16 | Hannover, Germany
Info: Purna +49 171 3 41 65 26

November 17 | Bremen, Germany
Info: Uma & Amke +49 178 6 63 20 25

November 18 | Kiel, Germany
Info: Keike +49 431 57 71 87

November 19 - 21| Hamburg, Germany
Info: Ulrike +49 171 9 58 07 77

November 1 - 7 | Meisterspiel
Bad Waldsee, Oberschwaben

Info: Shivani +49 171 2 17 43 38 oder +49 7121 6 80 81 69

Mondays 20:00 | Basel/Schweiz
Info: Radha +41 61 4218033

Mondays 20:00 | Berlin/Lichterfelde
Info: Hela +49 163 9892842

Mondays 20:00 | Bremen
Info: Amke und Uma +49 421 239180

First monday every month 20:00 | Bozen/Südtirol
Info: Naima +39 349 3542275

Mondays 20:00 Uhr | Frankfurt/Friedberg
Info: Glorinda +49 6031 9630808

Mondays 20:00 | Hamburg/Eimsbüttel
Info: Beate +49 173 622 06 06

Mondays 20:00 | Hannover
Info: Mona +49 5101 12338

Mondays 20:00 | Klagenfurt/Kärnten
Info: Saraswati +43 650 202 43 11,
Petra +43 676 918 56 59

First monday every month 20.00 | Kiel
Info: Keike +49 431 577 187

Mondays 20:00 | Stuttgart
Info: Sunita +49 176 485 76199
Eberhard +49 157 792 79 608
Leela +49 176 282 24809

Mondays 20:00 | Tübingen
Info: Sangeeta +49 7071 24832

Mondays 20:00 | Ulm
Info: Rainer +49 171 344 18 55

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I prefer that you have vegetarian food. This diet will give you a peaceful mind because vegetables are sattvic. Eating animals can be very unhealthy because people take on their diseases and their unhealthy states when they kill and eat them. Use vegetables instead of meat and you will have a peaceful mind because your mind is the essence of what you eat.
rightcontent The opening of the blinds will not make the sun rise. But who is looking for good arguments to consider his intake of meat or refrain from eating meat at all should read the book "Eating Animals" by the American bestselling author Jonathan Safran Foer. "This story didn't begin as a book. I simply wanted to know – for myself and my family – what meat is. I wanted to know as concretely as possible… My personal quest didn't stay that way for long."

"Eating Animals." By Jonathan Safran Foer. Little, Brown and Company, September 2009, Paperback $ 10.19, Kindle $ 19.48

More informations
The Ribhu Gita (literally "Ribhus Song") contains the precious teaching on the nature of the non-dual reality and how to stay there. Shiva himself revealed these "secret teachings" to the sage Ribbhu, who then told them his disciple Nidagha.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi attributed unique value to it as being a lucid exposition of Supreme Truth. He even stated that if one would repeatedly study the Ribhu Gita one could spontaneously pass into the state of sahaja samadhi, or the natural state of true Self-realization.

Papaji loved the Ribhu Gita and read it during Satsang in Lucknow. This unique sound document is of great value: it contains the vocal transmission of this holy truth from the mouth of the Satguru.

10 CD Set, $59,
rightcontent GURU – Bhagwan, His Secretary & His Bodyguard. A movie by Sabine Gisiger and Beat Häner, Switzerland 2010 · 98 minutes

In sensible interviews with Sheela, Bhagwans secretary, and Shakti, his bodyguard, the filmmakers Sabine Gisiger and Beat Häner research into the question "When did it begin to go wrong?". In between a lot of old material is shown, leaving an impression on the size and influence of the movement. It's a pitty how the now wise interview partners judge Bhagwan. Nevertheless an interesting movie.

A vivid discussion on the movie and the Bhagwan movement in general can be found on facebook.

By the way: Also in this movie Bhagwan asks the question "Who am I" as a centerpiece of his philosophy. A touching moment

Here the dates
"Auf den Spuren der Intuition" on BR-alpha (in German)

In the esthetically fulfilling and clever 13 part TV-series "On the Traces of Intuition" many well known public figures trace the secrets of intuition.

Experts from the areas of spirituality, science, economy, arts, medicine, and sports are being heard, among them Hans Peter Dürr, Gerald Hüther, Willigis Jäger, Regina Obermayr-Breitfuß, Joachim Bauer, Tenzin Palmo, Konstantin Wecker, Tanja Singer, Anette Kaiser, Anselm Grün, Rupert Sheldrake and Paul J. Kohtes.

The foundation for the project was the research for the book "INTUITION – Theory and Practical Applications".

From Oct. 7, 2010, Thursday at 7 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. on BR-alpha.

Repetition Fridays at 9:30 a.m. It will appear on DVD in 2011.
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Lost & Found
"With consciousness and intention gods do nothing". Karl Wilhelm Friedrich von Schlegel (born 1772 in Hanover, died 1829 in Dresden) was a German philosopher, reviewer, historian of literature and translator. Together with his brother August Wilhelm Schlegel he was an important member of the "Jenaer Frühromantik" and cofounder of the modern humanities.